Rough Draft Brewing Company Case Study

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The owner of Rough Draft Brewing Company, Jeff Silver, began brewing beer as a hobby while working professionally in the insurance industry. His part-time hobby quickly turned into a full-time dream and Jeff now makes beer for a living. He is part of a growing industry of microbreweries in San Diego, now numbering over 60.

Because of his background in insurance, Jeff was keenly aware that even one incident in the brewery could have a devastating impact on his business. He also knew that he had to address specific hazards in the brewing industry and retail, since he had a tasting room open to the public.

Jeff had done his best to drive home the importance of safety to his employees; however, he knew that more needed to be done to protect his people and his business. Rough Draft Brewing needed written policies and procedures, training, and other safety-related items, but Jeff wasn’t sure where to start.

“I really liked how SMART Safety Group pointed out various risks and worked with us to find solutions. I am appreciative of all the time an effort provided by our safety consultant, Chris.”
– Jeff Silver, CEO

SMART Solution:
Jeff hired SMART Safety to implement an on-going safety program.  SMART Safety Group helped Rough Draft Brewing:

  • Understand and address the specific hazards in his brewery and tasting room;
  • Develop written policies and procedures that could be read and easily understood by all employees;
  • Create an ongoing safety audit schedule to enforce newly developed safety policies and procedures;
  • Create an Injury and Illness Prevention Program, as required by OSHA standards;
  • Develop a confined space entry program for their brewing vats which needed to be entered for cleaning and maintenance;
  • Train employees to effectively meet OSHA and industry-specific requirements;
  • Provide a forklift training certification program for affected employees.

As a savvy business owner with an insurance background, Jeff was wise enough to realize that a genuine concern for his employees had its limitations.  He needed the right expertise to mitigate any risks to his company.

By blending Jeff’s care for his employees and willingness to follow SMART Safety Group’s safety expertise, Jeff’s company now is OSHA compliant and is adopting a culture of safety.

Lessons Learned:
Establishing a culture of safety can be extremely challenging for any new company.  SMART Safety Group knows that every industry and every company is unique.  Organizations need a customized process to implement a safety culture that employees at all levels are willing to follow.

As a business owner, Jeff now has peace of mind that his employees – and his devoted beer tasters – are in a safe environment. By using “The Gold Standard” for excellence in safety, Jeff can focus on what he does best –making some of the best microbrews in San Diego.