SMART Safety Group Staffing

Why use jobsite staffing services?

SMART Safety Group provides an on-site Safety Professional. We take care of compensation, housing, benefits and taxes, without you, the client, having to worry about:

  • Additional overhead
  • New hire orientation training
  • Sick time or vacation — SMART Safety Group provides a replacement with a guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Construction safety experience
  • Knowledge of State & Federal OSHA regulations and EM3851-1 (Army Corp of Engineers) regulations
  • Implementing a safety system — Auditing, Disciplinary Action, Safety Meetings, Reporting, and Claims Management

Why Use SMART Safety Group

We offer you remarkable flexibility to meet your requirements. Our full-time recruiting effort of top safety professionals enables us to respond to assignments quickly. You can be confident that finding the right person will not delay your project.

Joining Your Team

We can provide experienced construction safety professionals for your project or we can augment your existing in-house safety team. We cover short-term, long-term, new construction, shutdowns or maintenance-related projects. Companies that utilize our safety consultant contracting and staffing teams include:

  • Owners
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Insurance
  • Subcontractors
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Military Projects

Experience That Counts

We work with your team to integrate safety on your project from the initial planning stages to daily task-specific toolbox meetings. We understand that safety, quality and productivity work hand-in-hand. Our team is experienced in all project-oriented environments including outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, new construction, expansions, additions, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and large scale industrial and demolition projects. Our experience includes:

  • Airport
  • Automotive
  • Hospitals
  • Large Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refinery
  • Re-Tooling
  • Schools
  • Stadium
  • Waste and Water Treatment Plants